My Love/Hate Relationship with…Pinterest



5 reasons why Pinterest makes me feel bipolar

  1. Quotes on Life:

I love quotes. I love words in general that make me feel better about my life. Reading a quote that relates to a moment in your life is kind of the way you feel when you have a chat with a best friend who is so loyal that they agree with you and your enraged feelings whether or not they are justified. That friend that just cheers you on no matter what kind of shenanigans you have gotten yourself in to. But after you read quote after quote after quote, you slowly feel yourself drowning in the realization that maybe you need to just “Let it Go”, or “Keep Calm & Carry On” because YOLO. Then Suddenly Disney characters from your childhood are shouting life lessons at you, while you keep scrolling, and they keep judging…and staring, and so on and so forth. I feel more rattled than I did when I logged on. Not soothed and comforted like a friend would leave you feeling, just confused and anxious to delete all the Disney movies off the hard drive.

  1. Kids:

I click on the “Kids” category full of excitement to see what clever ways I can make my delightful children smile, and as I scroll through the many ways that one can create a themed birthday party, or how to DIY and make a cardboard bunny eared headboard, my excitement turns to anxiety and fear.

While I think it’s fabulous that there are 1800 ways to make a lunch box fun, I don’t have time to do this every morning! I am a full time working mother. I start to feel angst that maybe I am failing as a parent as I picture my little Blair at school feeling weepy, as every single one of her friends open up their Bento lunch box full of Japanese inspired sandwich shapes. See what happened there? I was feeling super excited and then extremely depressed that I must be a failing parent. I had better go read some inspiring quotes to cheer myself back up. Let’s relive reason #1.

  1. DIY & Crafts:

Get out your glue guns girls! Who am I trying to kid? I never click on this one.

  1. Women’s Fashion

This is a category I start out LOVING! I pin all sorts of gorgeous and trendy ideas for a new wardrobe when again, reality sets in. This is my virtual closet. I am then reminded of my not so trendy, much cheaper clothes sitting in my closet (or all wrinkled in my drawers) at home. My mood again has settled to a tad blue, but thank goodness for a local Target, am I right?!

  1. Humor

After taking a ride on an emotional roller-coaster of feelings from Quotes on Life, feeling anxious that I suck as a parent, broke because I spend too much money on buying overpriced household items because I am not crafty and choose not to DIY, and will never have a fabulous expensive wardrobe; I am comforted by the humour category and laugh like a crazy person all through the rest of the day. Laughter is after all, the best medicine, and it’s free. I think I read that quote on Pinterest.



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