Comma’s Matter…

Do you ever feel out of sorts in life? Kind of like a misplaced comma? You are not alone.


Life throws us all kinds of curve balls. I made reference in my last blog about feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland and not really understanding some things and events in my life or just in life in general. This began early on in my childhood and has carried forth in to my adulthood as a strong woman trying to figure it all out.

When I reflect on my entire life, the one thing that is constant is the feeling of not fitting in anywhere for any given amount of time.  I feel as though I get to a certain stage within a situation and start to feel uncomfortable and out of place, just like a misplaced comma. I am sure you have read all sorts of humorous posts about the funny or horrific ways that a comma is often misused. That is how I feel about life. I start to feel that I am misplaced.

I wonder sometimes if this is the universe’s way of lightly pushing us to move forward to change and grow as people. Perhaps this is why we often struggle so much with change. We become so accustomed to feeling uncomfortable in a situation that we fight being faced with change because it also creates an uncomfortable feeling, but one we are not familiar with yet.

Whatever the reason, and as difficult as it is, I am thankful for change and growth and being misplaced from time to time. In the end, the placement of the comma makes all the difference.


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