Shadows on the Road


She looks back at me in the mirror with a put together face, but what goes on inside of her, isn’t such a composed place.

Frozen in time, the smile is always there, the twinkle in her eye dances as she holds a steady stare. Having it all together is what the world wants to see, but something has broken deep inside that she can’t let be free.

Thoughts are always swirling, where will life take her next? It is then that she realizes she is the leader of this quest. She is the one who will decide what decisions she will make; she must take her time, and not decide in haste.

The roads are not straight; there have been so many turns. Too many upheavals in what she thought would be a smooth curve. Pieces of her are scattered everywhere, her marks in life are not left in vain. For the shadows of her are in the memories of all the lives she touched that still remain.

There’s no turning back, for time does not stand still; it only moves faster and not by her will.

Trusting she will meet up with her shadowed self, she takes each day in stride leaving memories on the shelf.


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