Show me the light

Remember to see the light amongst the darkness


I live in a small town just West of Ottawa. I was shocked and disturbed by the horrific events that occurred on Wednesday October 22nd 2014. My Twitter feed was filled with news reports screaming out through the computer screen that a soldier from Hamilton, Ontario who was stationed that day at the National War Memorial had been shot, and reported later that he had in fact died. This was a tragic event that will forever leave a stain on Canadians everywhere.

Unrelated, I just read reports of a school shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School in Marysville, Washington. This is yet another senseless crime that leaves me feeling heartbroken not only for all of the families that these events affect, but heartbroken for our world and the communities that lay within it.

In light of all the tragedy and senseless hurts that we bestow on one another, I urge you to still see the light and the goodness that is in the world and the people around you. The stories of love and peace and miracles may be far overshadowed by the stories of hate and crime, but please stop and take a moment to remember the good news that is out there, and hopefully we can all find some comfort in that.


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