Top 5 Christmas Traditions (that do not include Elf on a Shelf..isn’t he super creepy btw?) to Start NOW!


  • Once darkness falls, bundle up your kids, husband, and dogs, pour some hot chocolate in a travel mug for everyone and drive around and take in all the gorgeous glowing Christmas lights in your community. The kids will love it and it will create a lasting memory.
  • Explain to your children the true meaning of Christmas, whatever it may be to your individual family. Children are often so consumed by the excitement of Santa and presents, that it is often forgotten why we in fact celebrate December 25th.
  • Participate in one community holiday good deed with your family. Whether it is helping out at a soup kitchen, donating to a food drive, or buying one gift for the local Angel tree.
  • Write a letter to Santa. While this may seem like an obvious, it’s a tradition that is becoming lost with the convenience of email. The North Pole websites are fun and interactive, but let’s not forget the art and magic of the traditional letter to Old Saint Nick.
  • Finally, grab a copy of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, cuddle up with the ones you love, and laugh until you cry with this Christmas classic.

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