Building Memories at Christmas: Part 1


With Christmas around the corner it brings back wonderful memories of Christmas Eve traditions. The first memory I have of our family’s Christmas Eve tradition was when I was not much bigger than a toddler. My family would gather at my Great-Grandmother’s home that I lived across the highway from.

The adults would have a blind gift exchange. This was their rendition of Secret Santa. There was a cardboard box full of beautifully wrapped presents for the ladies and another for the men. Some of the gifts were homemade as there are many crafty ladies in my family, and some were trinkets that the others had handpicked from the store.

All of the grand children & great-grandchildren children picked a special present from the kid’s box as to not be left out of the fun.

My favorite memory though, was that the special three, myself and my two cousins whom to this day are like sisters to me, had a little something extra from our Grandmother, Nana, as we would call her.

On one particular Christmas Eve, I remember opening a handmade nightgown. It was a long sleeved yellow, flannel nightgown with a zipper that went halfway. The three of us received the same present, in different colours, pink, blue & yellow.

Our Nana passed at the remarkable age of 99 (in her 100th year). She had her mind until the end and a spirit that I always marveled at.  To this day, my most favorite and treasured Christmas Eve traditions were those that were spent at her home.; Surrounded by family and love and a little bit of Christmas magic.

See my blog Top 5 Christmas Traditions (that do not include Elf on a Shelf..(Isn’t he super creepy btw?) to Start NOW!

Bring back the Christmas magic with family traditions that get us back to our roots, and the true meaning of Christmas.


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