Halloween Flashback –Truly Outrageous


I have always been a huge lover of Halloween and the opportunity to get dressed up and how about that candy?!

One of the great parts of being a parent is that you still get to go trick or treating. Well, you get to hold the treat bags for your kids while deviously planning to raid their candy sack once they are sound asleep. Come on! We all do it!

When shopping for my children’s Halloween costumes, I notice that the quality has much improved from when I was a child. I’m an 80’s kid, born in 1982. One of my favorite costumes when I look back, was a cheaply made (but probably expensive to buy), pink Jem & the Holograms costume! What scream’s 80’s more than Jem & the Holograms?

I proudly wore that plastic Jem costume and mask while tightly clutching my pillowcase in one hand, and my Unicef collection box (remember those?) in the other, while my father took me around collecting candy from numerous relatives. It was, and remains to be, truly outrageous.

What was your favorite costume from your childhood?


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