Office Moral Got You Down?

 5 Ways to tell if your workplace needs an attitude overhaul:


  1. The buzzing of your alarm clock makes you cringe. It’s the first indicator that it’s time to go to work!
  2. You arrive at work as close to “on time” as you can and quickly dart past the front desk to avoid any awkward morning chit chat.
  3. The monthly pot lucks that used to create fun and excitement are now a drag that no-one wants to take part in. Crock-pot meatballs time again?!
  4. You’ve started working through lunch as a ploy to avoid the common “lunch room”.
  5. You now have the same daily rant the with the one co-worker you do get along with.


If the above 5 indicators sounds like you, turn that frown upside down! You don’t have to be brought down by the negativity that surrounds your daunting cubicle. Remember, the only person that is in charge of how you feel is YOU. Become the office moral HERO!

Why not be the one to create the change that the office desperately needs? Be the one who continues to smile and say good morning to your co-workers instead of doing the dart and dive in to your office.

We spend more time at work than we do at home most days. It’s important that we are happy in our surroundings, and that includes the office.


What ways could you be the positive change for your office moral?


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