Do you have 4:44 min of your life to spare to be inspired and motivated?

“The Meaning of Life explained by 3rd Graders”.  Watch this video if you are in need of motivation & inspiration!

I stumbled across this video on a friend’s Facebook page. The title jumped out at me, “The Meaning of Life explained by 3rd Graders”.   I am always amazed at the view of a child. They are so full of ideas, imagination and have not yet been told by society to colour inside the lines of life.

What I gained from this 4 minute video could impact the rest of my life, and it could do the same for you if you listen carefully and actively.

How often do we have ideas floating around in our minds that we are too afraid to act on? How often do we let the fear of the unknown or the judgement of others affect what chances and risks we take?

The message by the intelligent and magical children in this video is one that we should remind ourselves of daily. We are in charge of our lives and what we make of it. Persistence, determination, and a little imagination is what set the doers and inventors and successful people apart from those of us who choose to stay stagnant in the fear of change.

Choose to do ONE thing today to take one step towards turning your dreams in to plans and actions. It won’t happen overnight, but if you are persistent enough, with time and effort, you will create the life you have dreamed of. Be your own hero.



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