The perfect Christmas tree


I previously posted two blogs about Christmas traditions and have shared one of my personal Christmas tradition memories. As Christmas day quickly approaches, I am reminded of another memory that shines out from my childhood, the hunt for the perfect tree.

As an adult, I have had both fake and real trees in my home. I have had a real tree the last three years that was found in a bush on my father’s property. I decided that I too wanted my children to grow up with lasting memories surrounding Christmas that aren’t so commercial.

As a child, we didn’t have a fake Christmas tree. The kind that always looks perfect as they are set so precisely in their stand. The kind that does not require constant watering to ensure they don’t dry out before Santa makes his way down the chimney. We did not have a classic “perfect” tree that came from a box, but our tree was perfect to us.


What clings to my memory the most isn’t the tree itself, but what went in to the hunt for our Christmas tree. In my younger days, my father would bundle me up and take me out to either my grandparent’s farm, or my uncle’s property to “hunt” for our tree.   There was always snow that I could barely walk through, and 9 times out of ten, I complained of cold toes and fingers as we hunted through the bush for a pine or spruce full enough in hopes that we could turn the bare spots towards the wall.

Once my dad and I found what we would decide was our perfect tree, he would cut it down with his hand saw, and we would drag it behind us and be on our way!  Let’s not forget the hot chocolate that was warmed in a pot over an open fire, or the wieners we would roast on a stick to keep our bellies full after the hunt was over.

It is not the tree that has stayed in my memory bank all these years, it’s the tradition of spending time each year with my father and our trek through the bush to bring home our perfect tree.

Where does your family Christmas tree come from? Does it come from a box, a Christmas tree farm, or the wide open field?



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